YCee responds after fans shared video proof to accuse him of being rude

Rapper YCee has responded after fans accused him of being rude to them when they met him.

A Twitter user wrote: “Met ycee in person once. He was rude af. He and his new album can suck a hard d*ck.”

Another Twitter user replied: “Met him last night too. He is rude as f*ck but I don’t give a f*ck actually but I love his new album, He seems to be a CK Head my be.”

The Twitter user also shared a video as proof.

In response, YCee said: “This was months ago at oriental, I was terribly ill and stopped to get food there. You literally walked up, disregarded who I was sitting with, put your flash on in my face and while you were walking away said “YCee don high jare” … but yeah I’m rude as fuck.”

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