Xenophobia: What happened in Lagos is an indication of what is to come – Ojo

Xenophobia: What happened in Lagos is an indication of what is to come – Ojo

A man identified on Twitter as Oluyomi Ojo, has revealed that the retaliation in Lagos to the xenophobic attacks in South Africa is an indication of what is to come.

In a series of tweets, he stated that Nigerians are waiting for the right opportunity to strike with a revolution which will be a fight between the rich and the poor.

Read his post below.

”What happened in Lagos yesterday is an indication of what’s to come, it has nothing to do with Xenophobia or South Africans but a glimpse of what the middle class should expect from poor Nigerians who are waiting for a reason & an excuse to strike.

”These people have constantly strolled into the malls year over year, too poor to shop & no hopes of a better tomorrow, sees other people with chubby looking kids rolling shop carts & loading groceries into their cars. They want these things too.

”Engage poor Nigerians ones. You will see that undertone of “In this tough country, these people are living large and buying cars, they are thieves”. The middle class is the closest to Nigeria’s lower class. They will be the first target. This thing is here already.

”Just recently, I noticed my estate introduced armed mobile police personal to join the current one. The need to have this things is a signal that we have a failed society already. These people will not be able to save us. You’d be surprised they’d join in.

”We are sitting on a nuke. Poor Nigerians are angry and they are not that angry at their government. They are angry at you because: 1. You drive a nice car 2. You travel for summer 3. You shop at Shoprite 4. Your kids, chubby. 5. You live in a fine house.

”If you lived through the riots of the mid 90s, you’d understand this is not new. The middle class is always at the receiving end. The people believe Nigerian can never be better, so they want those shiny things you have. At least that would give them some satisfactions.

”If Nigeria ever gets a Revolution (which I pray we don’t get). It’s going to be the poor versus the seemingly rich. You don’t have to be rich to be a target. You just have to enjoy what others don’t enjoy. Scary times ahead. God bless you people. Enjoy your morning(hopefully).

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