Wotzup Opinion: What can you purchase with the ₦5 note ?

Wotzup Opinion: What can you purchase with the ₦5 note ?

In our current economic situation, Nigeria ₦5 is probably one of the most useless Naira note. Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) should either end or suspend the production of ₦5 notes.

If you check around or ask around, what can ₦5 really get you ?, my colleagues are saying little sweets and chewing gum can be gotten with ₦5.

A young man was given six ₦5 note as change after using the public transport at Ikotun, he refused to collect it.

He preferred a single note of ₦20 and ₦10, the bus conductor said that is what he has but the young man refused the change.

I use one of the best supermarket outlets in Nigeria, i got myself an item worth ₦855, gave them ₦1000.

I am to receive a change of ₦145 but i was given ₦140.

I did not request for the ₦5 because i knew it would be ₦5.

A friend once told me that he feels insulted when he sees a ₦5 in his wallet.

The economy of the country currently does not support the use of the lowest domination of our currency.

I simply feel, if the value of this naira note is low the production should, therefore, be suspended or stopped.

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