Wotzup Opinion: Is El Rufai public school move a political stunt ?

The news of the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El Rufai sending his six year old son to a public primary school broke out.

It is a common trend for public office holders to send their children overseas to study and probably do not have to return to impact .

Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is probably among governors in Nigeria, who is trying to drive the awareness of we promoting and repairing our own.

He recently enrolled his son Abubakar in a public primary school in Kaduna. Abubakar who is a six-year-old got enrolled into primary one as part of El Rufai’s 2017 promises.

In a broadcast made 2017, El Rufai, promised to enrol his son Abubakar in a public school when he turns six.

The gesture is geared towards improving the infrastructure of the educational sector.

In a more serious note, be it a political move or not, political office and public officers should be made to let their children to school in the country. Most of these children who in the long run refuses to come back and uplift the nation.

Doing this will enable them put in their best and cut out less corruption, atleast that will be a start.

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