Women should stop giving money to men – Blessing Nkiruka

Women should stop giving money to men – Blessing Nkiruka

A popular Instagram user Blessing Nkiruka of @officialblessingceo has come out to berate how women give money to men thereby making men very weak.

The social media user who became quite popular after the stunt she pulled about owning a mansion at her age. The audio money sensation also blew her up as musical artiste King Rudy (Former Psquare) painted her scenario in his music video ‘Audio Money’.

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Blessing Nkiruka alleges that desperate women who want marriage desperately make men weak by giving them money. She assumes that the role of a man is to provide for his family.

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According to Blessing Nkiruka, a man who can not provide is a boy basically.

“God gave men and women punishment, men suffer before they provide, women suffer to give birth, women should leave men to carry their punishment in peace”.

People seem to agree with Blessing Nkiruka but some just feel that she might be trying to gain another fame.

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