Woman narrates  how police shot 17-year-old niece  to Osun  panel

Woman narrates how police shot 17-year-old niece to Osun panel

A woman in Osun State, Abosede Ibikunle, has told the state’s panel of inquiry set up by the government to investigate police brutality and extra-judicial killings how her 17-year-old niece, Rachael Abioye, was shot by a police officer.

Ibikunle, who appeared before the panel on Saturday, said the victim was in front of their canteen when she was shot in the arm by the police officer while chasing a man in his car.

The man later had an accident and died on the spot.

She said operatives of the defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) had on September 15 attacked some boys suspected to be “Yahoo Boys,” adding that one of the boys was killed in the ensuing melee.

The woman said in the evening of same day, she was in their food canteen alongside her niece and other workers when they heard a gunshot which prompted the people around, including her niece, to hurriedly pack up in an attempt to close for the day.

Ibikunle said: “While I and other people were hurrying up to lock up the food canteen, some unknown men were chasing a Mopol officer carrying a gun towards the food canteen and the officer ran to the front of the food canteen and fired the gun in his hands.

“Immediately, I heard my niece shouting that she has been hit by the bullet and when I came towards her, she was on the floor. The bullet had hit her on her left arm and she was in a pool of her blood.

“We rushed Rachael to the nearest hospital, Emmanuel Medical Centre, Capital Area, Osogbo, where she was attended to and operated upon by the medical doctors available.

“I made a report at the Dada Estate Police Station and the DPO referred me to the Osun State Police Command. I was later directed back to the Dada Estate Police Station for investigation.

“I gave the shell of the bullet found in the canteen to the DPO who confirmed that the bullet belong to the Nigeria Police Force.

“Thereafter, some police officers from the division were sent to visit Rachael in the hospital. The officers also visited the canteen and a police report was prepared in respect of same.

“The police promised to get back to me on this matter but nothing has been heard from them till now. I have spent a lot on Rachael’s medical bills as several surgeries were carried out on her by two surgeons at separate times.

“Rachael was writing her examinations around that period, and she had to go in pains and bandages to the examination hall.

“Rachael is still undergoing medical test every week and buying recommended drugs to aid the healing process and the police has still refused to pay up as they promised.”

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