Wimbledon Fines Serena Williams $10,000 for Damaging Court

Wimbledon Fines Serena Williams $10,000 for Damaging Court

Tennis star, Serena Williams has been fined $10,000 for allegedly damaging a Wimbledon tennis court during a practice session. 

It was alleged that the American tennis star damaged the practice court at Wimbledon, after throwing her racket before the start of the tournament. 

The organization and hosts of the Wimbledon, the All England Club, is said to take its grass courts seriously. However, the mom of one beautiful daughter won’t have to worry about the fine as she has already made $367,000 for making the quarterfinals. 

Serena has won her first four matches so far at Wimbledon, losing only one set on her way to the quarterfinals. She also won her first mixed doubles match with Andy Murray in straight sets.

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