Why I chose not to have kids nor get married – Oprah Winfrey

Why I chose not to have kids nor get married – Oprah Winfrey

Talk show host, Oprah Winfrey has opened up on why she hasn’t had kids nor gotten married to Stedman Graham whom she’s been with for 33 years and engaged to for 27 years.

She got engaged to Graham in 1992 and both of them have been together ever since and without kids.

Oprah Winfrey stated that she had considered becoming a mother when Graham proposed to her.

She said: “At one point in Chicago I had bought an additional apartment because I was thinking, ‘Well, if we get married, I’m going to need room for children’.”

She added that the reason why she decided not to have children is because she realized the depth of responsibility it comes with.

“I realised, ‘Whoa, I’m talking to a lot of messed-up people, and they are messed up because they had mothers and fathers who were not aware of how serious that job is,'” Winfrey said. 

“I don’t have the ability to compartmentalise the way I see other women do. It is why, throughout my years, I have had the highest regard for women who choose to be at home [with] their kids, because I don’t know how you do that all day long. 

“Nobody gives women the credit they deserve.”

Oprah Winfrey went on to reveal that she believes things would have changed between her and Graham had they gotten married.

She said: “I used to think about this all the time, that I was working these 17-hour days, and so were my producers, and then I go home and I have my two dogs and I have Stedman, who’s letting me be who I need to be in the world.

“He’s never demanding anything from me like, ‘Where’s my breakfast? Where’s my dinner?’ Never any of that, which I believed would have changed had we married.

Winfrey added: “Both he and I now say, ‘If we had married, we would not be together’.

“No question about it — we would not stay married, because of what that would have meant to him, and I would have had my own ideas about it.”

Oprah says till date, she still stands by her decision to not marry or have kids. She said she “filled that maternal fold” with charitable work.

She explained: “I have not had one regret about that.”

She continued: “I also believe that part of the reason why I don’t have regrets is because I got to fulfil it in the way that was best for me: the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.

“Those girls fill that maternal fold that I perhaps would have had. In fact, they overfill — I’m overflowed with maternal.”

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Why I chose not to have kids nor get married - Oprah Winfrey
Why I chose not to have kids nor get married – Oprah Winfrey

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