Why CNG fuel should be embraced by Nigerians

Why CNG fuel should be embraced by Nigerians

I woke up this morning to see the news of from the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylva disclosing the FG will soon embark on providing the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) nationwide.

A few years ago when I began my road journey to Abuja, I wanted to experience the journey to Abuja through the road. Although I was discouraged not to embark on the dangerous journey.

On my way to Abuja, we made the journey through Edo State and that was where the vehicle had a fatal breakdown. I was forced to stay in Benin City for a night. Some residents advised I took a vehicle to Auchi and then get another vehicle going to Abuja.

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I was ready for the adventure so I went to a place to get such a vehicle in Benin City. We got in and the vehicle zoomed off, just a few minutes on the road, the driver apologized that he needed to top up his gas.

We got into this Filling station that looked different from the usual and we all were asked to step down so he could top up. At first, it seemed weird but I did not bother as long as it does not hurt me. The driver yanked his car bonnet open and the station attendant took his order and took the nozzle to the place where the driver’s engine is located and started fueling. This got me stunned as I soon realized this is gas and not the regular fuel.

The driver could see how surprised I was and asked if this is my first time, I yes and told this is my first time. He explained it is simply an alternative to petrol (PMS) but both are used by the same vehicle.

According to the driver, the cost of putting the mechanism in place cost him N100.000. but so far it has put his mind to rest as he drives without any fear of fuel scarcity.

When fuel scarcity looms, the CNG users smile and the fact that it is always available and cost-effective.

With all these, a fellow passenger argued he can never do such to his vehicle on the grounds that it is gas. There is this general misconception by Nigerians, that anything that uses gas has got a high risk of blowing up. In fact if we’d run on gas our climate might be a little bit more safe and better.

Generally, as it was back then when it just started, the price was still 75 Naira per litre but as the Minister says, it might remain at 95 Naira per litre.

So whether you use Diesel or PMS, you can still get to use the CNG fuel without stress.

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