What Venita Akpofure said in the love letter she wrote to herself

What Venita Akpofure said in the love letter she wrote to herself

BBNaija reality TV star, Venita Akpofure has shared a love letter she wrote to herself amidst rumours of marital crisis in her home.

Venita Akpofure got into the Pepper Dem Gang edition of the BBNaija as a surprised housemate. She made it into the house just weeks after it was reported that she was having marital crisis and suffered domestic violence.

In the love letter she wrote to herself, Venita Akpofure advised herself against spending time on negative energy.

In her words:

“Love Letter to myself

”Hey Queen, glad your well. I don’t need to ask how you are because I know you are Gods Child which means you are always abundantly accounted for IJN. . I want to simply remind you of your achievements and your worth and all the positivity that runs through you. Nothing great is easy and I want to thank God for saving your life. The last year especially. I’m just glad that you have transitioned from not understanding why you are alive to simply being someone appreciates every second of life has. 

”I want to apologise profusely, for not always taking a chance on you. For allowing you to empty yourself to fill every vessel and leave yourself empty. You did not deserve that treatment from me. I did not value you, I doubted you, I denied you, I stifled and buried the essence of who you are and made so many excuses for doing it. I have learned and realized how wrong I was. Venita you are enough and in fact you have always exceeded all that was ever required of you. You are a winner, and I’m prepared to stand behind you for the REST of your days as best as I can. 

”I’m not saying I’m perfect but I will always give you my best. You deserve it and more. For every time you feel alone, or discarded or insignificant or simply empty….I WILL LOVE YOU THROUGH IT! God will LOVE you through it. Don’t expend energy towards negativity, that is not your path. You are human, forgive yourself often enough and know that even at your worst, someone still sees you as their best.

”Unconditionally yours
A woman in healing. 
My second favorite image of all time..”

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