‘We no dey shake hands again,’ – Governor Rotimi Akeredolu says in coronavirus skit

‘We no dey shake hands again,’ – Governor Rotimi Akeredolu says in coronavirus skit

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State has strongly discouraged Nigerians from shaking hands as part of measures to win the ongoing fight against coronavirus in the country.

The governor in a skit released on his official Social Media handles refused a handshake extended to him by one of the actors.

He said, “No, you know what is on ground, we no dey shake hands.”

Instead, he greeted his guests by placing his right palm on his chest accompanied by a slight bow of his head.

“I hope you washed your hands outside with soap and did you apply hand sanitizer?” he asked the ‘guests’ in the skit.

The two guests at his office responded in the affirmative but he insisted and pressured some dollops of sanitizers from a tube into their palms before further discussions.

Further speaking while inspecting the scene of an explosion in Akure on Saturday, Akeredolu reminded the people of the state to keep practicing safe hygiene and social distancing.

“Keep your distance and do not forget that coronavirus is in the country. I thank God that there has not been any recorded case in Ondo State,” he said.

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As of 01.55pm on Mar 28, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control said there are 81 confirmed cases in Nigeria including three discharged cases and one recorded death.

Nine states and the Federal Capital Territory Abuja have recorded confirmed cases of COVID-19 with Lagos having 52 of the total cases.

Abuja has 14 cases while Ogun and Oyo have three separate cases.

Enugu, Edo, and Bauchi also have two cases each while Ekiti, Osun, and Rivers have one case each.

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