We Need P-Square Back in Music!

We Need P-Square Back in Music!

I miss those days when the twin brothers Peter & Paul (P-Square) were giving us music that we could dance and rock to *tears*.

P-Square was a Nigerian R&B duo of identical twin brothers Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye. They produced and released their albums through Square Records. In December 2011, they signed a record deal with Akon’s Konvict Muzik label. In May 2012, they signed a record distribution deal with Universal Music’s South African branch. On 25 September 2017, numerous media outlets reported that the group disbanded. Reports about a breakup surfaced after Peter reportedly sent a termination letter to the group’

Back in the days, any night club that you go to, the DJ must bless you with songs by P-Square ”Roll it” ”Do Me” ”Temptation”, ”Danger”, ”Game Over”, ”Bank Alert”, ”Ifunaya”.

Those songs gave me and my brothers joy. I remember while growing up, I used to buy P-Square CD’s and turn the speakers up to the max, then some of my neighbours will be hanging around my house just to enjoy the music that was playing through my speakers. I even had to start telling them to be coming with drinks and beer next time they wanna show up, Lol.

The Year P-Square Separated:

I was heartbroken in the year 2017 when I heard that the music group P-Square had separated.

Now they are separated, Peter (the one with the lowcut) is now called Mr P. and his brother the one with the dreadlocks is now called Rude boy.

When they were together as P-Square, their YouTube views was so high like about 75 Million views, but now that they are separated they are not doing as well as before, when you check their songs on YouTube now, you will be seeing 2 Million or 1 Million views which is less than what they were getting as a group ”P-Square”.

My opinion is that they are better as One and more profitable as a group (P-Square), I wish they could come back together and bring the name P-Square back to life and make good music for Nigerians.

We Need P-Square back in music.

Copyright: Nduka Dan-Ekeh

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