US won’t enforce TikTok ban following court ruling

US won’t enforce TikTok ban following court ruling

The US government has decided against enforcing its ban on Chinese-owned social media sensation TikTok to comply with a federal court ruling issued in the national security case.

The Wall Street Journal reported the US Commerce Department had decided to hold off

on enforcing a Trump administration order to ban the video-sharing app owned by Chinese-based ByteDance.

The move comes after a federal court in Pennsylvania blocked the Trump administration from carrying out the ban,

which had been ordered by the White House based on claims the app posed a security threat due to the company’s links to Beijing.

According to the report, the Commerce Department said the shutdown order won’t go into effect “pending further legal developments.”

Other court cases are also pending on the matter.

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The US Justice Department appealed a Pennsylvania judge’s October 30 order that blocked the government from imposing restrictions on TikTok.

The Commerce Department’s August restrictions order was to take effect late in the day,

barring transactions with ByteDance’s short video sharing app TikTok

that its owner had warned would have effectively barred its use in the US.

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