US to restrict students from Nigeria, others to two-year courses

US to restrict students from Nigeria, others to two-year courses

The United States is set to restrict students from Nigeria and others from an admission of over two years.

This is according to the new guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

They published the new measures in the U.S. federal register.

We expect the start date of the policy

DHS proposed a “maximum admission period of up to 2 years for certain students”.

“If an immigration officer finds that an alien violated his or her status prior to

or during the course of an EOS adjudication and denies the EOS request, the alien generally

would begin accruing unlawful presence the day after issuance of the denial”, it said.

The policy would affect natives or citizens of countries on the State Sponsor of Terrorism (SST) List,

citizens of countries with over 10% overstay rate, students of

the unaccredited school, and those of schools that do not use E-Verify.

Nigeria had a Total Overstay Rate of 13.43% and suspected in-country Overstay Rate of 11.12%.

For SST, they are countries America determine have repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism.

Categories of sanctions include restrictions on U.S. foreign assistance, a ban on defense exports and sales,

certain controls over exports of dual-use items, and miscellaneous financial and other restrictions.

The DHS 2019 Entry/Exit Overstay Report provided data on expected departures

and overstays for foreign travelers who entered as nonimmigrants through the air

or seaport of entry (POEs) and who were expected to depart between October 1, 2018, and September 30, 2019.

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Nigeria’s 2019 overstay rates for nonimmigrants admitted (on B1, B2 visas) for business or pleasure via air and sea.

Expected Departures – 177,835, Out-of-Country Overstays – 764, Suspected in-Country Overstays – 16,802, Total Overstays – 17,566, Total Overstay Rate – 9.88%, Suspected in-Country Overstay Rate – 9.45%.

Overstay rates for non-immigrant students and exchange visitors (on F, M, J visas) admitted via air and sea.

Expected Departures – 9,336, Out-of-Country Overstays – 216, Suspected in-Country Overstays – 1,038,

Total Overstays – 1,254, Total Overstay Rate – 13.43%, Suspected in-Country Overstay Rate – 11.12%.

Overstay rates for other in-scope nonimmigrant classes of admission admitted via air and sea;

Expected Departures – 3,870, Out-of-Country Overstays – 29, Suspected in-Country Overstays – 500,

Total Overstays – 529, Total Overstay Rate – 13.67%, Suspected in-Country Overstay Rate – 12.92%.

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