US embassy  denies Bishop Oyedepo visa

US embassy denies Bishop Oyedepo visa

The general overseer of winners church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, who wanted to go on a mission to the USA was denied a visa by the American consulate in Lagos.

The decision provoked some show at the consulate as the Bishop demanded there must have been a mistake, and the embassy office don’t have any idea who he was.

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He said he has been going to the USA since the 1980s and has never outstayed or violated the conditions of his visa.

He told his protectors to give him his telephones with the intention that he could put calls to some people, he was till denied by the consulate safety crew who told him that he couldn’t make calls while in the embassy office.

The rejection comes after the USA set Nigeria on a visa embargo list, which includes six other Islamic nations.

Even though the explanation given for his refusal is that he would not return as at the due time. This man has over $200M and the biggest church in Africa.

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