The rate of joblessness in Nigeria has risen above 50 percent.

Why is it that in Nigeria, to get and secure a job one must have “connections” ? So what happens to the masses who don’t have connections?

Unemployment in Nigeria is so rampant that crimes increase every single day. In the news you hear about kidnappings, armed robbery, murder, stealing, internet scam (yahoo yahoo), etc.

The Nigerian Government is not doing their best to reduce the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

As Africa’s most impressive economy gradually recovers from the 2016 economic recession, unemployment in Nigeria continues to remain a challenge.

According to a report released by the World Bank some time ago, only 450,000 of the 5 million Nigerians that joined the labor force in 2018 are currently employed. In agreement, the Nigeria Economic Update (NEU) report revealed that per capita incomes are falling.

The report released in the third quarter of 2018 shows that Nigeria’s unemployment figure rose to about 23.1 percent, trailed by critiques from stakeholders.

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Statistically, over 75% of youths are unemployed. It is so sad that graduates are doing jobs that are not related to their field, BSc Graduates are doing jobs that they are not supposed to be doing, but what choice do they have when they do not want to remain jobless because there are bills to pay, family to take care of, school fees to pay, transport fare and other things money is needed to do.

Corruption in Nigeria is the major cause of unemployment Nigeria because when those in government who are to use public money for building more industries, they are busy embezzling the funds for their selfish use, which leads to the massive increase in unemployment rate. … The result of all these immoral acts is increased unemployment for the masses.


  1. SKILLS ACQUISITION – The graduates and youths should learn to acquire skills that will make them to be able to survive on their own without depending on our corrupt government.
  2. ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT – the youths should start up their own business so that they will be able to employ people later on in the future.
  3. The private sectors should expand their companies and branches to reduce the rate of unemployment. When there are more private sectors, there are more job opportunities.

In conclusion, I want to encourage the youths to never depend on the government but depend on your entrepreneurship development, skills acquisition and self development., and with that i can assure you that unemployment will not be a problem or an issue to our dear country NIGERIA.

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