Ultimate Love Star, Rosie confirms her relationship with Kachi has ended

Ultimate Love Star, Rosie confirms her relationship with Kachi has ended

Ultimate Love winner, Rosemary Afuwape is better known as Rosie has disclosed that her relationship with Kachi has hit the rocks after he called off their wedding.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Rosie wrote;

“He has changed, and that is why it took my stand based on such change.

Besides, he had announced to people’s wedding was off even before I approached Multichoice.

All I did was to help him make it official.

“He has shown me the way he loves me and l am grateful but I won’t and no longer would like to be treated in such a manner,

let him treat whichever lady like that, more than how can someone you love do that to you?

And that is just out of the many things I had to endure.

“I need a real man to love me genuinely, more than that is not just even about me but Jeremy.

I cannot make my son go thru half of what I have gone thru, naaaaaaaa.

In this life I have been thru a lot to continue going thru what l went thru would mean

I don’t love myself or my son to give him someone that would be a great model to him

and not one that is flippant at every slight provocation, behaving like a woman,

and wants to show me he is a man in the wrong way.

“It is out of respect I decline and step out for another to step in and be with him and give him all that he wants and more but as for me, naaaaaa, Kachi is too good for me, I don’t deserve him, I pray he gets one that would dance to every one of his tunes, love that, kachi has spoilt my name publicly, and demands.

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“I won’t do that, I am a simple girl that only desires for a man to love me and not love in their

definition but to be passionate about me when you talk he says what about him,

is always about him, him, naaaaaa, and more than that, I owe it to Jeremy to give him a great model that Would raise him in the fear of God.

“Mind you fear of God is not been born again or knowing the things of God,

NO, fear of God is reverence for God…that because I fear and honour God there are

certain things I cannot just do normally to a fellow man.”

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