U.K. suspends Hong Kong extradition pact

U.K. suspends Hong Kong extradition pact

Addressing parliament on Monday, the U.K.’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said Britain is indefinitely suspending its extradition pact with Hong Kong.

He called the recently enacted national security law imposed by China as “a clear and serious violation of the U.K.-China joint declaration”, which gave rise to the 1997 Handover.

He added that additional measures were a necessary and proportionate response to the recent law.

Besides the suspension of the extradition pact, Raab said the U.K. will extend its arms embargo against China to Hong Kong,

meaning there will be no exports of weapons from the U.K. to Hong Kong of potentially lethal weapons and ammunition.

He added the decision will also mean a ban on any equipment, that could be used for

“internal repression”, such as shackles, firearms and smoke grenades.

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Even before Raab’s announcements, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin addressed reporters in Beijing on Monday,

accusing the U.K. of “brutal” meddling in China’s internal affairs, and urged the British government to stop its “wrong words and actions”.

He also urged the U.K. to avoid further damage to China-U.K. relations.

After China enacted the national security law on Hong Kong, the U.K. has announced several measures,

such as extending residency rights for Hong Kong citizens with British National Overseas passports.

It also pledged to stop using telecommunications gear manufactured by China’s tech giant Huawei

for the country’s 5G infrastructure, citing security concerns.

Lee Seung-jae, Arirang News.

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