Trump says his infection was a blessing in disguise for the US

Trump says his infection was a blessing in disguise for the US

President Donald Trump last night credited an experimental drug treatment with helping his recovery from Covid-19 and said he wanted other sufferers to get the same treatment for free.

Mr Trump suggested his illness and treatment could turn out to be a

blessing in disguise” for the nation’s battle against the pandemic –

even though there is no way for him or his doctors to know that the drug had any effect.

In a new White House video posted last night, Mr Trump said his illness

had shed light on the experimental antibody cocktail that he believed had improved his condition.

Seemingly sensitive to the fact that his treatment course is far from that received by average Americans,

he promised to swiftly get the drugs approved for use – and for free –

even though he does not have the power to order that himself.

“I want everybody to be given the same treatment as your president because I feel great,”

the president said from the Rose Garden at the White House. “I feel perfect.”

Mr Trump received an experimental antiviral cocktail made by Regeneron through a “compassionate use” exemption – a recognition of the above-and-beyond standard of care he receives as president.

The safety and effectiveness of the drug have not yet been proven.

And there is no way for the president or his doctors to know if the drug had any effect.

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Most people recover from Covid-19 without the drug.

In the video, Mr. Trump continued to downplay the threat of the virus, promising those who are ill that they’re going to “get better fast, just like I did” –

even though more than 200,000 people in the US and more than a million worldwide have died from the disease.

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