Infrared photography has brought about another extra dimension completely in photography.

Nowadays, several lots of photographers that are professional are making use of it to make a different effect completely inside a simple photo.

Infrared photography is different completely from the other photography types

and it needs special films for having the light effect that is needed in the photography.

Learning about the infrared photography basics, you should know that this photography type

can easily penetrate haze and fog successfully for a clearer image to be brought out.

The photograph’s wavelength is longer when compared to the visible light.

This assists it to have a clear image obtained despite dust present or pollution inside the air.

Another advantage of making use of infrared rays is that it never produces false colour in white and black images except the photographer wants it so.

We have two types of infrared photography which are the Analog and Digital Infrared Photography

Analog: we refer the analog infrared photography to as the sub-division type

of infrared photography and it requires a film that has stray light sensitivity. 

Digital: this is very popular than the analog photography type.

The cameras that are used in this type of infrared photography do come with a sensor which is highly sensitive to the infrared radiation.

Sometimes, the cameras come with “Hot Mirror|” or “IR Cut-off Filter for having radiation blocked, which can have the image affected.

Listed below in this article are the top 5 best-infrared photographers in the world
  1. Mike Irwin

He was trained in art since when he was a child. Mike has years of wonderful experience in painting abstract on canvas.

He got introduced later to photography later life which he didn’t take too long to master and explores other technical challenges and other artistic the camera could bring about.

One of the places that he loves to photograph is southwest.

He makes uses of infrared photography which has produced a lot of striking and notable images he has in his portfolio.

  • Josh Sommers

He was born at Santa Rosa, in California. His father majored in art history while his mother was a major in dance.

He began his artistic journey in grade school where he often gets in trouble because of that.

Throughout his teen years, he was into several types of art, sometimes drawing with pencils, or sculpting using clay, and so on.

  • Frank Horvat

Frank is a renowned photographer and has celebrated over 50 years in this field.

He hasn’t embraced photography throughout the years; he has also experimented

and adapts new technologies relating to the borders of photography.

His photography is complex and diverse and he’s is one of the best known in the world.

  • Dan Holdsworth
Dan Holdsworth is a photographer who is a British, and he creates digital art

and large-scale photographs by making use of traditional techniques and long exposure.

He studies about photography and gained (Hons.) in it at London College of Communication. , UK.

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  • Matthew Billings

Matthew is a photographer based in Berlin, and he’s also a video artist.

His works majorly focus on still images and intersection of a moving image.

He’s into infrared photography which brings about an advance in his photographs.

His work has gotten featured inside several magazines which include Butt, Paper, and Basso.

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