Tonto Dikeh and Stella Dimoko Korkus drag each other on Instagram

Tonto Dikeh and Stella Dimoko Korkus drag each other on Instagram

Actress Tonto Dikeh and blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus are currently dragging each other on social media.

The actual genesis of the beef between both of them is yet to be known, but a post shows Stella Dimoko Korkus responding to a shade thrown by Tonto Dikeh.

In the post she shared, Stella Dimoko Korkus mocked Tonto Dikeh by stating that her backside is tampered.

She shared:

”The Face you make when you are looking at the person accusing you of having more than one Instagram handle. My name is as it appears here,i don’t have another handle or operate anonymous to troll or pull down anyone. I am not as vindictive or as wicked as you are and my drama has class …please call me out with proof of anonymous Instagram handle with IP Addresses showing or shut up your tampered behind make I see road. If you want drama or dragging please bring it on. Blogger blogger blogger , Exposé Exposé expose, person no go hear word. EXPOSE ME ALREADY…..
You have so many demons chasing you that my beautiful ugly face is beginning to resemble one of the demons????. Look well before you start battle with someone that is too busy to deal with your kinda bullsheet.I am different from the others you dragged on the social media. . I await your next memo. …Thank you!… The owner of this memo knows themself”.

Firing back at the blogger, Tonto Dikeh called her a bitter person whose career got destroyed by the success of her fellow blogger, Linda Ikeji.

See the screenshot below.

Stella Dimoko Korkus didn’t let her response slide as she fired back as seen below.

”I just knew they would go there. Old news. So what if I am jealous of Linda? at least the jealousy helped me focus to become a success at what I do. I am better than you going around asking how people got money to build their houses. I am better than you running your mouth on how TM is fucking around and you are better than her. So I am jealous of linda ,what else? The jealousy was positive and I don’t need any confused gender paying my rent or shop for me in Dubai. I hear you are fighting over ten celebs inbox right now. So why am I replying you? Madness get level. Next shot”.

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