Tiwa Savage Explains The Meaning Of Koroba

Nigerian musician, Tiwa Savage, has explained the meaning of her popular song, ‘Koroba’, to a fan who accused her of promoting prostitution in the song.

The fan had taken to Twitter to post thus:

“Since Tiwa Savage ‘Koroba’ first verse is aiding and abetting prostitution…..Let’s wait for those who look up to that song goes beyond her imagination. Rubbish song tho.”

Tiwa Savage saw the tweet and took the time to explain what the song actually means.

She says she is not glorifying prostitution in the song.

She, however, wants to erase the double standard whereby women dating rich politicians are shamed, but the corrupt politicians are not.

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Her reply reads:

“Let me break down the msg of the song 2 you sir – we crucify young women for going after rich politicians for their money, calling them prostitutes but we don’t call out the politicians. Hence the line ‘money we you no work for’ we should hold them accountable too #koroba”

See her tweet below:

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