TikTok: Consider consequences – China warns US

TikTok: Consider consequences – China warns US

China has sent a stern warning to the United States over its demand that the Chinese video-sharing platform TikTok must be sold to a U.S. corporation.

Furthermore, China urged the U.S to not set such an example that other countries could follow against its (US) businesses.

China gave the warning through its Foreign Ministry spokesman, Wang Wenbin

on Tuesday, saying that the U.S. could fall victim to similar circumstances.

Recall that President Donald Trump had on Monday said during a meeting at the White House

that he had set Sept. 15 as the deadline for TikTok to be bought by an American company, such as Microsoft, or stop operating in the country.

Earlier, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, hinted that actions would be taken against TikTok

and other Chinese companies believed to share data with the Chinese government.

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“Following the U.S. erroneous logic, any country can take similar measures

against any American company under the pretext of protecting national security.

“The U.S. should not open Pandora’s box, otherwise,

they will reap the bitter fruits themselves,” Wang said at a briefing.

He called on the US to take heed of the international community and the U.S. public and to not politicize economic issues but provide an open, non-discriminatory, free investment and business environment for companies.

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