Things that upset Nigerians

Things that upset Nigerians

There are things Nigerians do not like which make them upset generally. These things are quite common and Nigerians do not find these things funny. Things that upset Nigerians are really are probably endless but these are just a few of them.

When a foreigner insults a Nigerian

Nigerians are the only ones allowed to insult a Nigerian or it’s government. Foreigners have no right to insult a Nigerian, especially on the internet. The consequence is usually insurmountable. Nigerians will fight you even if the Nigerian you are insulting is wrong. You are a foreigner when you see any Nigerian matter just read, watch and pass.

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Nigerians do not like young ones disrespecting them by calling their names especially without the inclusion of “Anty or Unku”. Respect is embedded in our culture and you not being respectful connotes disgust in a Nigerian society.

Cable signal getting weak

There is nothing that makes Nigerians more upset more this part. If cable signal should become weak, it should not be when there is a crucial match. It even gets more annoying when it’s just a little wind that is causing the weak signal.

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You are not served food at a wedding

Nigerians and parties are like 5 and 6, there is a party for everything you can think about. The host calling for guest already knows that they have to be fed and some times souvenirs is included. What makes Nigerians upset is when they travel to an occasion especially from another state and they do not get served food.

Electricity at your neighbor’s and not yours

Looking through your window at night, you could notice that your neighbors have light and you do not have due to the electrical problems. Things like this upsets Nigerians as they will have to wait all night till the following morning before a solution can be proffered.

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When a Nigerian football team lose

Of course, losing is not a thing of joy but not to a team you are better than. Nigeria football teams are good at disappointing most especially with teams they are better than.

Trying to beat traffic

This is mostly associated with Lagos state, as it is known for ridiculous and notorious traffic. Leaving early to beat the traffic but still, you get into a bad one at that time. This makes Nigerians upset but what makes more annoying is to find that the cause of traffic is way too meagre. You can also find out how to hack your way out of Lagos traffic.

No money

No one is happy when there is no money in the pocket. At the appearance of an alert Nigerians become happy.

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