The unbelievable thing that happened after a man got rejected when he applied to be a driver

The unbelievable thing that happened after a man got rejected when he applied to be a driver

Below is a testimony of the unbelievable thing that happened to a man after he got rejected from a driving job by a woman who was supposed to be his new boss.


“Here’s a wonderful testimony a man shared in church today!
So He has been jobless for a very long time now so he got a link for a driver job, he was supposed to meet the woman very early by 6am in the morning at yaba.
Issa thread yo!

Coming from sango which he left at around 4:30 , by 6am he had almost gotten to the woman’s place , so he called her to let her know he’s some 15mins from her place and the woman said ” no problem”, on getting there he saw the woman driving out with her husband , she saw him and

Ignored him, he kept on running after the vehicle trying to wave the woman down but still she ignored , so he decided to take a bus and follow her down to the office at VI since the job he came for is an official job, on getting there , he tried calling the woman but she refused

Picking, he hung around in a Vulcanizers shop by the roadside and called the woman continuously till around 2pm in the afternoon. reason because 1. He had no more money with him to get back to sango. 2.He believed he was going to get the job that day and at least get small thing

From oga to take transport back home. So he texted the woman asking why she was ignoring his calls after assuring him of giving her the job, she eventually responded that he should go, she would see him later. Out of frustration,the man bursted into tears right there in the

Vulcanizers shop. Then the vulcanizer asked what happened, after narrating his ordeal, the vulcanizer told him to stop crying and asked how much the woman wanted to pay, the man said 30k. The vulcanizer consoled him to stop crying over 30k that cannot feed his family, he picked

Up his phone , made a call telling the person his brother is coming to see him for an interview right away and then told my church member to go see someone at a place in Bourdillion.

On getting there, the person asked for his qual. conducted an oral interview for my church member and directed him to Dangote group PLC at Ibeju lekki. Since the man had nothing left on him he went back to the Vulcanizer to give him feedback. On getting there, the vulcanizer had

Already been phoned by the other man who said he passed the interview but he wasn’t with any credentials and that he should head to Ibeju Lekki immediately. Surprisingly the Vulcanizer counted 3k for my church member to head to Ibeju lekki.On getting there he met a white man who

Conducted practical driving test for him for 30 mins which he passed the white man then gave him a Lexus350 to start immediately and then gave him keys to a boys-quarter in an estate to stay,That same day!
This is not the end, but tweeps.
Never underrate any man!

The most interesting thing is , my church member’s new boss does not even give him any work to do cause there are lots of drivers there, he virtually does nothing everyday , and at the end of the month gets paid full salary with several bonuses made the Lexus his official car,

Treats him like his brother nd even makes people wash the car for him. The man went back to the vulcanizer after a months pay to show gratitude,the vulcanizer refused to accept,then bought things for him to give to his children at home.

For those who care to know . My church is a small C.A.C church in Honda bus/stop,Igberen ,Sango-Ota area of Ogun state.
But God doesn’t need multitude to work yeah, So if you stay around sango Ota, you can come in any Sunday, be blessed as you come”.

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