Ten Most Peaceful Countries in the World

Ten Most Peaceful Countries in the World

Some people would say peace begins with a smile. When you ask people who are living in countries that are peaceful about peace they would probably say something else.

These peaceful countries aren’t only peaceful but they also have interest rates that are lower,

a currency that is a very strong and foreign investment that is high-not also forgetting

their political stability is better and they have a correlation which is strong with each person level of happiness.

The ranking of these countries got based on three major criteria which are security and societal safety, militarization degree and international conflict with domestic conflict.

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Listed below are the 10 Most Peaceful Countries in The World:


People who live in Iceland at night can sleep well because they are living in one of the countries that are very peaceful in the entire world.

There is no news that is good news if you are talking about Iceland. Iceland has kept the first spot since ten years ago.

It has no standing navy, air force or army. It has a tiny population of like 350,000 people.

Iceland has low crime rates, good welfare and education system and when it comes to a job, it’s ranked amongst the best in earnings and jobs as well as good wellbeing.

Iceland has the impossible managed: almost 97% of its citizens are working and middle class; there isn’t any tension between the economic classes. No wonder it is a very peaceful and happy nation to live in.


Over the years, New Zealand has always been a peaceful nation to reckon with.

For the Global Peace Index, the nation hasn’t slipped below fourth place.

It has perfect score marks with international and domestic conflict, societal safety and militarization.

In general, we consider New Zealand as a country that is wonderful for someone to live.

The population of New Zealand is about 4.7 million. When it comes to health is ranked higher and also in earnings, jobs, and education.


Austria ranks the third place inside Global Peace |Index list.

The country has kept this position since 2014 except for 2017 when it got slipped down to the fourth position.

Austria population is about 8.7 million.

The nation performs well in the well being of its people such as housing, jobs, and income.


Portugal marches one of the best nation when safety and peace matters.

While we have over 61% of the European nations which are deteriorated for the past years, Portugal who has like

10 million people is a nation that climbed up from 18th position to 5th position in the year 2016 and in 2018 the nation was ranked the third spot.

The nation has good housing terms, environmental quality, work-life balance, and personal security.

The country is rated also as a favourite destination for a quality lifestyle experience.

When you are living in Portugal you don’t have to have your bank broken for you to feel the way of living as a Portuguese because the nation is one affordable place you can be


Denmark has been number two for a solid five years from the year 2011 to the year 2016 and it has been dropping since 2017.
Also, is a country safe to live in and travel to. It has a very low crime level.

Political stability that is high, human rights respect and the press have freedom.

It also boasts of high level in income equality-is ranked frequently as a happy nation.


On the list, Canada is number six safest nations in the world. It has good marks on its crime levels, political stability, and internal conflicts.

Its the second-largest landmass country in the world and its population is about 37 million people.

The nation is a top-trading country which is why it’s part of the richest nation we have in the world.

Canada has excellent health facilities, effective governance, and good job opportunities.


The Czech Republic is a country that as good improvement in many aspects such as earnings, jobs, wellbeing, education, skills, work-life.

Its population is about 10.5 million while they have almost 93% of their adults

from age 25 to 64 that has completed the upper secondary educations which are more above the normal rate of some countries.

There is low employment rate in the country.


Singapore is getting to be more peaceful though the report from Global Index says it has increased violence but it’s very more peaceful.

It has advanced from the 21st spot to the 13th spot last year. Why the jump?

It has been pointed out that Singapore now has large improvements in aspects like security,

societal safety, with also international and domestic conflict, has been lowered, and militarization level is high, police forces, services personnel.


Japan is a country that is densely populated three times than Europe. If compared to the United States its twelve times.

Yet the country is still ranked highly because of its life quality and peace.

The country number of crimes keeps declining since 2017 which hit a total record of 915,111.

The country has a good relationship with its neighbouring countries, though

with China, their relationship is a little shaky most especially with North Korea.


Ireland is a developed and prosperous country and it’s the 77th country that is small in the entire world.

It’s taken the number 10 position in the list of Global Peace Index.

Because of the nation neutral army and independent status, the country is ranked as a safe country to live in.

The country has a sense of positive publicity, personal safety, air access which has contributed to its booming tourism.

A lot of businesses are setting in because of Brexit.

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