Stop treating sitting presidents like gods – Goodluck Jonathan

Ex-president Goodluck Jonathan has stated that sit-tight presidents are enabled by people who worship and praise them like gods.

Jonathan stated this while speaking at the constitutional term limits summit in Niger Republic on Thursday.

He added that the reason why some presidents hold on to power is because they fear persecution and what live holds for them after they leave office.

“Let’s create an environment where people will believe there’s life after office. That if you leave office you should not be persecuted,” he said.

“The way we manage ourselves as sitting presidents and former presidents matter. The first line is to reduce what will make a sitting president afraid to leave office.

“Africans sometimes, we are our own problem because we always think our presidents are little gods. That somebody is president does not mean he is God. We have a tradition of praise-singing. We tend to give our presidents name they don’t deserve.

“We tend to over-praise sitting presidents and make them think they are little gods. When they begin to make a sitting president think he is God, and he is the only person that can run the affairs of the nation; then the person will be there; nobody removes God.

“When you make a president feel he is god, don’t expect him to leave. The media and civil society must continue to admonish characters that make presidents think they are the best thing to happen.

“That you are president does not mean you are better than others. We citizens of this continent create little gods, and God cannot leave (power).”

The summit was organised by the National Democratic Institute (NDI).

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Stop treating sitting president's like gods - Goodluck Jonathan
Stop treating sitting president’s like gods – Goodluck Jonathan

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