Social distancing ignored as venues reopen across England (Video)

Social distancing ignored as venues reopen across England (Video)

Yesterday, U.K Prime Minister, Boris Johnson lifted the lockdown and residents flow out in mass to enjoy the night.

Police were prepared for a busy night as England emerged from its months-long “national hibernation”

with a “Super Saturday” of reopening that included pubs, restaurants, theme parks, hairdressers, and cinemas.

Many could not resist the opportunity to return to their local for their first poured pint at the pub since lockdown came into effect to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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Despite warnings from health officials that the pandemic is far from over, some patrons ignored social-distancing rules.

Hundreds disregarded warnings from police about illegal raves – forcing police to disperse crowds yet again.

The reopenings kicked off on the eve of the National Health Services’ 72nd anniversary.

On Saturday night, Britons who chose to stay home instead of venturing out paid their respects to the NHS,

by lighting a candle in memory of those who lost their life to coronavirus.

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