Singer Bez’s wife, Tito Idakula recounts how she quit her bank job to obey God

Singer Bez’s wife, Tito Idakula recounts how she quit her bank job to obey God

Tito Idakula, the wife of singer Bez, has narrated how she obeyed God’s call to leave her banking job. Not only did she leave the job, she also sowed every dime she had in her bank account.

Sharing her story to encourage others, Tito stated that she had to work in Church when she had no other job to do.

She shared:

”#tbt to my banking days! It was so much fun u

When God told me to leave the bank, I was confused but sure. I had questions but I chose to obey his direction. All he kept saying to me was; “seek me first”, so I did just that. I worked at church, I did masterlife discipleship programs and just immersed myself in God’s word and presence.

One thing I did in complete surrender was to sow all the money in my account then. I gave it all because I just felt that if God is telling me to leave, then I’ll trust him completely with my life. You see, I always felt secure having a job that paid me and my security was in my finances. But I also knew that I was entering a season of faith where my only security became Jesus Christ. No one asked me to give anything and in fact no one knew but I knew I had to. I think about the woman with the alabaster box a lot and I wonder why she poured it all out at his feet but it was because she saw something and Christ has given her so much that her giving was an act of worship.

I made that vow to give to God all I had because it was my symbol of trust and surrender. I had no clue what God was going to do with my life but I had rest in God’s love for me. This season was one of the most financially difficult seasons of my life but also a season of faith where I saw God provide through unexpected opportunities and people and I learnt a key lesson. God is my ONLY source. Not my husband, my job, my career, my family, ONLY GOD and he would provide through all kinds of ways.

So many years down the line, through the tragedies and losses, I am in awe of what God has done in my life and through my life!

I give to God in my own sad attempt to express my gratitude to for everything he has done in my life but if I’m being honest, nothing I give can ever be enough for all that God has done. What I thought was sacrifice was actually freedom. I didn’t lose at all but I gained everything. What I thought I was doing for God actually turned out to be God doing for me. God doesn’t spend our money, he doesn’t need it, we give as an act of worship because there is only so much we can do to say THANK YOU!
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