Shi’ite Members Demands the Release of 12 of its Members Corpses

Shi’ite Members Demands the Release of 12 of its Members Corpses

Shi’ite members accused the Nigeria Police Force of holding on to the corpses of 12 of its members. These shi’ite members died in the July 22 bloody clash between the group and security agents in Abuja.

63 of the group’s members were arrested during the protest and are still in police custody.

11 of them sustained injuries during the bloody confrontation.

The group made its position known in a statement by one of its members, Abdullahi Musa, in Abuja.

The IMN demanded the release of the 12 corpses to the deceased’s families for a befitting burials. They also demanded the release of the 63 detainees.

The Statement Read

“We wish to inform the public about the continuous incarceration of the victims of Monday, 22nd July 2019 police brutality. The victims had been severely injured before being whisked away, and they are still languishing in police cruel custody.

“Again, police authorities are yet to release 12 corpses to their bereaved families for funeral prayers according to Islamic injunction. Nine of them were killed at the Federal Secretariat, Abuja, three died in their detention.

“The families of those that were killed have made several attempts to collect the corpses, but the police rejected their request. Now, over two weeks after the incident, the corpses are still with the police.

“Likewise, police authorities continue to detain 63 protesters without taking them to court. Out of the 63, 11 people sustained various degrees of serious injuries that required urgent medical attention.

“Despite their critical condition, the police authorities have only taken the injured ones to an unknown location without giving them the required medical attention. Even the families of the injured have made several attempts to provide medical treatment to them, but the police turned down their requests.”

The IMN further alleged that while some of the injured, who returned to their families, were taken to the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital by their respective families for treatment, policemen attacked the hospital and took them away while receiving treatment.

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