Sex for grades: What must be done to perpetrators – Buhari

Sex for grades: What must be done to perpetrators – Buhari

President Buhari has reacted to the BBC sex for grades documentary which exposed some university lecturers in Nigeria.

The documentary indicted Dr Boniface Igbeneghu and Dr Samuel Oladipo of the University of Lagos of sexual harassment.

Reacting to the documentary, President Buhari stated that stricter laws need to be created to protect girls and women from sexual abuse.

He tweeted:

“Nigeria needs stricter laws to protect girls and women from abuse. I very much welcome the National Assembly’s proposed amendments to our laws, following the recent high-profile revelations of sexual abuse in our institutions of higher learning.

I acknowledge that we need to do more as a country to address incidents of sexual violence and sexual abuse in our schools; and all forms of discrimination, human trafficking and cultural practices that violate women’s rights.

I urge our law enforcement agencies and school administrators to take up such cases with every seriousness, and ensure that perpetrators face the consequences of their actions. The practice of shaming and silencing victims must also be discouraged by all”.

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