See how Peter Okoye almost got scammed during Zoom Lifestyle raffle draw

See how Peter Okoye almost got scammed during Zoom Lifestyle raffle draw

As always expected, the drama never ceases to pop up on Zoom day, which is 15th of every month. This one, in particular, is different as someone tries to defraud the Zoom team to claim someone’s prize.

As usual Mr P will call the phone number that has been randomly selected in the draw. The person who played for the draw is always told to make sure his/her phone is charged and ready to receive calls on that day.

In a previous draw, a lady refused to speak with Mr P, she claims she was thought it was a scammer.

Mr P makes the calls to winners, some went through while some others did not. Well, Mr P kept on trying to contact these winners, their phone numbers were either switched off or mobile network went AWOL


In a bid to make these winners get their prizes, continual calls were made to these numbers but one call came in.

The caller introduced himself as “Victor Duru” saying ” he got a message on his phone which said ” Hello, it’s Peter Okoye”, Mr P asked him what the message says he then replied by saying, “he will check the message and call them back”.

The alleged fraudster calls back and says what the message says ” You got a call from 090******* .

Although Mr P and the Zoom team never sent out any message of any sort. Unknowingly to him, Zoom Lifestyle subscribers have a validated e-mail address in which a verification code can be sent to confirm the authenticity of the caller.

Immediately the caller switched off his phone number and could no longer be reached.

Watch the video below;

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