Republicans take upper-hand on first day of impeachment trial

Republicans take upper-hand on first day of impeachment trial

The Republicans may have taken the points on day one of the impeachment trial by using their majority to block the Democrats attempts to hear witnesses and subpoena documents.

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However, the Democrats are also playing a long game and hope to use this to their advantage eventually.

One indicator was when Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell stood to try to have the lengthy amendments being tabled by Democrats grouped together.

His argument was, with the night getting late, the debates taking time, and the voting patterns a foregone conclusion, it would be best to get it all done quickly at once.

He and his colleagues want every Republican vote on the record, particularly if the evidence they seek eventually emerges after Trump’s probable acquittal.

John Bolton, a former National Security Advisor to Trump, is a great example. Democrats want to subpoena him to appear in the trial but, so far, Republicans are blocking that.

However Bolton, known for his forthright opinions, is also writing a book and will no doubt be doing plenty of interviews to promote it.

If he reveals any damaging information regarding Trump’s dealings then, it won’t end up in the impeachment trial transcript.

It will however, be used in every 2020 Democrat election campaign against those Republicans who voted not to hear it.

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