Read what this taxi Driver did to Lady’s iPad and Macbook

Read what this taxi Driver did to Lady’s iPad and Macbook

A Ghanaian lady, Caroline Ziedeng has showered praises on a Taxi driver who found her iPad and MacBook in his cab and returned them to her.

Caroline revealed that she forgot the items in the cab which she took after her car broke down.

She wrote on social media.

“This man here has restored my faith in humanity. Three days ago I had a flat tyre around the Woolworth traffic light in Accra. Since it was in the evening I had to get a taxi driver to help me and he transported me back and forth to get a mechanic to fix my car. I was tired and couldn’t wait to get home only to get home late that night to realize I had left my Mac laptop and iPad with my notepad in the taxi.

I panicked and went back to the vicinity looking for him. When I couldn’t find him I was dejected. My laptop, iPad and most importantly my data on both gadgets were gone. I went home and tried to sleep with my troubled mind only to get a call from one of my associates around midnight.

Apparently the taxi driver had called him after he saw his contact details in my notepad to ask him if he knew me. He described me and the car I drove and after some back and forth my associate finally realized it was me.

This taxi driver had called most of the numbers in my notepad describing me and my car and asking them to call me and let me know he has my items.

I promptly called the taxi driver and arranged to meet him and collect in the morning and alas the next morning he brought me everything intact. Please share and let this man go viral as he deserves everything good coming his way. His honesty and goodness of his heart is worth celebrating.

I did what little I could to show my appreciation and I got to talking with him and he’s looking for employment as a private driver as the taxi he drives doesn’t belong to him and is rickety. Anyone who is looking for a driver should contact him. If nothing at all you can trust that he’s an honest person. His name is Adu Maxwell and can be reached on 0244597458 ??

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