Power series coming back to screen by September – (Video)

Power series coming back to screen by September – (Video)

Power was one of the hottest crime dramas to ever debut on TV.

And Stan has finally revealed that Power Book II: Ghost, a sequel to the popular series Power, will drop in September.

The network released a spine-tingling new trailer on the weekend – which hints the drama that is about to unfold for central character Tariq.

The footage begins shortly after the explosive ending of the first series, with Tariq, played by Michael Rainey, Jr.

grappling with his father’s death as he watches his coffin be lowered into the ground.

His mother Tasha, played by Naturi Naughton, seen being questioned in her orange prison

jumpsuit following her arrest for a murder she didn’t commit.

‘Was someone else there with you – was it your son?’ she’s interrogated.

Cutting to Tariq, he declares to not stop until Tasha is free.

‘I have to do anything to help my mother,’ he says.

Splitting his time between his Ivy League university education and making money to
pay for Tasha’s defence lawyer, it will force Tariq to return to the familiar drug trade.
Power series coming back to screen by September - Stan (Video)

The action-packed trailer shows a sequence of money and guns exchanging hands before concluding with authorities closing in on Tariq.

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A provocative new poster also released on the weekend, shows Tariq walking a fine line between his lives,

appearing in the top half-carrying books between sandstone buildings of his college campus.

Power series coming back to screen by September - Stan (Video)

In his reflection underneath, Tariq swaps his books for a pistol as he walks the mean streets of the city.

‘Choose wisely,’ the caption reads.

Meanwhile, Stan treated viewers to a first-look of the new season in February, when it released two new images.

One official image featured American singer-songwriter-turned-actress Mary J. Blige,

who will play iron-fisted businesswoman Monet, chatting sternly with co-star LaToya Tonodeo, who will play her daughter Diana.

Power series coming back to screen by September - Stan (Video)

The 49-year-old Grammy-award winner looked sensational in the exclusive frame, wearing an oversized white trench coat over an animal print top.

In the recent series, Mary J. will star as a successful Queens entrepreneur who runs her business ‘with an iron fist’.

While it’s unclear how Monet makes her millions – like Ghost (Power’s Omari Hardwick) – she will orbit the seedy world criminal activity.

Another exclusive image showed American rapper and co-star Method Man looking intense as he sat behind a desk.

Power series coming back to screen by September - Stan (Video)

The handsome star looked suave in a black business suit, which he wore with a baby blue and white striped business shirt and navy polka dot die.

It comes after rapper 50 Cent, who serves as an executive producer for the series, announced four spin-off shows on his Twitter page.

‘Mary J. Blige-led Power Book II:

Ghost Power Book III:

Raising Kanan Power Book IV: Influence Larenz Tate

Power Book V: Force TOMMY #powerneverends,’ he tweeted.

Watch the trailer video here

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