Porkoyum Credit: A Great Gift to Consumers and Retailers

Porkoyum Credit: A Great Gift to Consumers and Retailers

Porkoyum, the e-commerce subsidiary of Nigeria’s pioneer pig-farming livestock start-up, Porkmoney is introducing a new product for its numerous customers and retailers.

While Porkmoney is focused on pig production and processing of pork, Porkoyum Credit is a line of credit for the company’s consumers and intending retailers.

The agribusiness company is offering consumers with up to N50,000 and retailers, up to one million naira (N1m) of its products – Porkoyum Pork cubes, Porkoyum Sausages, and Porkoyum Bacon.

Interested retailers would be given Porkoyum products without any down payment. The company is also offering additional incentives like chillers and generators.

Porkoyum is looking to expand the availability of its products with this initiative.

The company’s products are already available in the food section of big retailers in Lagos including Ebeano, Hubmart and Addide. 

This is, therefore, an avenue for smaller food produce retailers to get on board. The company has already signed over 500 stores to its Porkoyum Credit scheme.

Muyiwa Folorunso, co-founder of Porkmoney, parent company of Porkoyum averred that the initiative is a drive to carry small business along the path of prosperity. Retailers are expected to pay back in instalments and get further replacements of depleted stock.

PorkMoney farm product

Porkoyum products are of excellent standard and approved by NAFDAC.

The product line includes:


Porkoyum Sausage is made from chilled and deboned pork. The meat is totally deboned. The deboned met and pork trimming are then mixed with spices and ground with a meat grinder. The ground pork is then filled into casings and cut into sizes.


Porkoyum Bacon is made from chilled and deboned pork. The meat is then marinated in bacon condiments for at least 24 hours. After this, the marinated meat is allowed to chill before slicing into desired sizes


Porkoyum Pork Cubes are made from freshly-cut pig loins for a quick meal. The pork cubes are in bite-sized pieces, they cook fast, and can be used in a variety of stews, stir-fries and other dishes. Pork cubes are cut from the loin which is the leanest part of the pig.

Porkoyum Credit is the first of its kind and is certain to get pork on more Nigerian dishes.

The company’s products will enrich every chef’s recipe and excite the taste buds of food connoisseurs. Porkoyum is a subsidiary of Porkmoney.

Visit www.porkoyum.com to find out more!

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