Photo of Genius Ginimbi’s Versace coffin

Photo of Genius Ginimbi’s Versace coffin

Zimbabwean socialite and businessman Genius Ginimbi Kadungure laid to rest today, November 14.

The flamboyant socialite died in a car accident on Sunday, November 8 along side

his friends Moana, Kareem and Alichia Adams on their way back from the club.

Recall that the socialite was rumored to had bought a coffin,

one week before the tragic accident claimed his life and that of his friends.

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However, Zimbabwean media reported that Ginimbi’s family debunked the rumor

and have revealed they will bury him in a Versace coffin at his Domboshava mansion today.

The Versace coffin costs between $5000 to $12000.

See photos of the coffin.

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