Peru’s Merino quits as interim president

Peru’s Merino quits as interim president

Peru’s interim president Manuel Merino has resigned after a violent crackdown on protests that left at least three people dead followed by an exodus of his cabinet members.

“I want to let the whole country know that I’m resigning,”

Merino said in a televised address on Sunday, sparking wild

street celebrations in the capital Lima after protests against his rule.

Merino stepped down immediately after Peru’s head of Congress, Luis Valdez,

said that all the legislature’s political parties had agreed to ask for

the “immediate” resignation of Merino in an emergency Congress session.

Valdez said the legislature would begin an impeachment process if Merino did not resign.

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Valdez, who said the situation in Peru had become “untenable” after the police

crackdown called the meeting of the leaders of the nine parties in Congress.

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