Oyinbo man sends strong message to Nigerians who want to flee from Nigeria

An Oyinbo man identified as Nasimbazyar has given reasons why Nigerians should not consider feeling their country with an aim of never returning.

Sharing on Instagram, the Oyinbo man from Australia stated that there are so much gold in Nigeria which can only be discovered if Nigerians dig for it first.

According to him, this is better than allowing foreign companies come to the country to exploit what they ought to enjoy themselves.

He wrote:

”I don’t have anything against wanting to go abroad, but those who want to go abroad and never come back to Nigeria are deffiently missing out on gold that is yet to be digged up. You have the advtange because you grew up in that country and if you don’t dig the gold first, others will and that’s exactly what’s happening. Countless Western companies and other companies are coming from outside of Nigeria even outside of Africa and are investing millions if not billions into resources in Africa and into Nigeria. Why would successful companies do such a thing into a country that’s considered poor and in poverty? It’s simply because poor countries have more opportunities to gain resources and succeed in then already established and successful ones. The missing piece to the puzzle however is that the large majority of people in Nigeria don’t even know what gold they are sitting on, they never bothered to invest time and effort into understanding what great things are available that they could take advtange of inside of the country to benefit from because they are to busy complaining about how bad things are rather then investing that time in finding out how to take the gold in their own country. There is a reason why Western businesses go into third world countries and build things inside and make millions and billions of dollars yet the majority of the natives to those countries will stay poor. The only difference is knowledge and experience and being able to see the opportunities that others don’t and to take advtange of them. Now of course this is much easier said then done, however if you dedicate enough time and resources to understanding these things and learning how to do them, you will have a much higher chance of succeeding and becoming greatly successful in Nigeria then you ever would outside of Nigeria”.

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