OPINION: Nigeria still crawling at 60 – What’s the way forward?

OPINION: Nigeria still crawling at 60 – What’s the way forward?

It is so pathetic that after 60 years of existence as a nation, Nigeria still grapples with the issue of social justice, equity, religious and inter-ethnic tolerance.

I’m extremely sad about Nigeria at 60. Surely, a 60 year and above old man or woman, is already a senior citizen; a grandfather, or grandmother. This means such a man or woman has grown; or is at least, presumed to have grown, in maturity and development but I’m sad that Nigeria, our own dear native land has neither developed nor matured.

I’m sad that she hasn’t even been allowed to take full advantage of the various constitutions fashioned out by our Colonial Masters and various indigenous governments to give her meaningful nationhood after she was named “Nigeria” in 1897.


It is high time,  we embrace social justice, equity, egalitarianism, mutual respect, religious and inter-ethnic tolerance. What is the benefit for Nigeria being ranks number 7 (2.64 per cent) in the list of most populated countries of the world, with a population of about 206,139,589 people and yet 80 percent of the population are living in poverty.

Finally, job employment need to be provided for our youths, government must ensure accountability, political restructuring, good learning environment, provison of social amenities and lots more.

Nigeria will be great

God bless Nigeria.

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