Opinion: Is Davido trying to do damage control ?

The news about Davido flew around the internet yesterday when a couple of ladies came up to claim Davido is responsible for a pregnancy.

One of the ladies who claims her name is Ellen and sister is called Susan, they both do not sound like Nigerians. They claim that Davido is responsible for the pregnancy. They claim they called Lati who is part of Davido’s camp refused to pick up or respond to them.

In a recent video clip, the ladies are seen again, claiming it was a joke after Davido has placed a 1 Million Naira bounty on them for anyone who can find them.


Apparently, over here in Wotzup Nigeria there is an heated arguement on how authentic this story looks.

We decided to paint a picture here, the picture is painted in to three forms;

First case scenario, Davido is not responsible for the pregnancy nor has he met them before, they are just looking for social media popularity but their social media platform handles are nowhere to be found. So social media popularity is out of it.


Second scenario, the ladies decided to play a joke on everyone by acting serious in the first video and details of events were given. The second video had very little content and they sounded coached to say something really short. Their handles have still not surfaced yet.

The third scenario, Davido slept with the lady but she never got pregnantbut her friend would advise her saying, ” You slept with Davido without condom, you have to claim you are pregnant”, so damage control is the best way to control this situation as it’s still the newborn baby wave for Davido. In a bid to make sure that all die down, he has to appear hurt and settle these ladies behind closed doors.

Like i said this is all painted but who knows …

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