Oba’s stolen staff: Priests curse attackers of Lagos palace

Oba’s stolen staff: Priests curse attackers of Lagos palace

Days after the palace of the Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu burgled, local priests have cursed the assailants.

In a footage, we heard them invoking the gods to punish the attackers.

They referred to those who took the monarch’s staff of office (Opa Ase) and other items.

Speaking in Yoruba, the man that led the supplication wished the culprits bad luck.

“All the individuals that gathered to steal the king’s staff of office, it shall never be well with them.

May every good thing meant for them be redirected”, he said.

The Opa Ase or Opa Oba is the symbol of authority of a traditional ruler.

They stole it on Wednesday when an irate mob stormed the palace.

They carted away food supplies, household items, gadgets and even cooled off in the swimming pool.

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The whereabouts of Oba Akiolu, a former police officer, remains unknown.

Soldiers extracted Akiolu before rampaging youths invaded his residence.

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