Not all SARS operatives are vicious, MURIC tells EndSARS protesters

Not all SARS operatives are vicious, MURIC tells EndSARS protesters

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) said on Sunday not all the operatives of the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) were callous and vicious.

The group’s Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, who stated this in a statement in Lagos, reminded the #ENDSARS protesters that some SARSoperatives had contributed immensely to the fight against criminality in the country.

Akintola said: “Closer attention should also be paid to other police departments if the excesses of the police are going to be curbed.

“However, the good ones among the police should consider the ongoing protests, with their attendant travails, as a trial from Allah and a confirmation of His divine warning.

“We remind #ENDSARS protesting youths that not all SARS operatives were callous and vicious.”

The MURIC chief, who mentioned a senior police officer, Abba Kyari, as one of the good SARS operatives, stressed that there were other good officers who were principled and devoted their whole lives to the fight against criminals.

He added: “Abba Kyari, the renowned super cop has cracked several hard cases and in whose hands many hardened criminals have met their waterloo.

“This officer and many more devote his life to the protection of innocent Nigerians at the risk of his own lives.

“No sane Nigerian can deny this.

“It is our considered opinion that generalisation will not be fair to such officers who have served Nigeria well.

“The reform of the Nigerian Police, which is being contemplated, should take note of such gallant officers.

“We call on the police reform panels to note the gallant ones among the police for adequate compensation.”

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