Noble Igwe Clashes With Ay Comedian, Others On Social Media

Noble Igwe Clashes With Ay Comedian, Others On Social Media

Nigerian comedians Ay Makun and Whale mouth have jabbed Noble Igwe after they saw a tweet by him that was targeted at comedians.

The disagreement started when Nobel Igwe took to Twitter and wrote;

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”Tomorrow, comedians will do comedy shows and then give them tables to sit directly opposite the stage. We will never forget.

AY Comedian replied and wrote:

”A comedian was with the people at Lekki Tollgate while you were busy tweeting last night.

Today is not the day to discuss a baseless tweet.

I will still love like a brother and educate you later on the principles of buying and selling.

Gucci never asked hushpuppi his source of income”

Whale mouth also reacted to the tweet and jabbed Noble Igwe.

He wrote: “Noble Igwe, you are a fool! At a time like dis, ds is what u can tweet.

But see your guest list.

Comedians have over the years express their mind to all political class, telling them the ills in the society but today of all day, you decided to express your foolishness”

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