Nkechi Blessing and Mike Adeyemi kiss passionately at a beach

Nkechi Blessing and Mike Adeyemi kiss passionately at a beach

Below is a video showing Nkechi Blessing and Mike Adeyemi kissing passionately at a beach.

The video which is from behind the scenes of a movie currently in the making shows Nkechi Blessing lying on top of Mike Adeyemi who had his back to the ground as they kissed each other.

Sharing the video, Nkechi Blessing captioned it:

”It started from a movie scene now we are here…..Tomorrow We celebrate my Best Part @official_mikeadeyemi007 …Love you with every part of me Chukwuemeka”.

Clearly, one can see that Nkechi Blessing shared the video on her Instagram page so as to stir up controversy.

In a recent interview with Sunday Scoop, the actress revealed what controversies does to her brand.

“I think all the controversies (I’ve been involved in) have helped my brand to grow more acceptable to a wider audience.

My social media engagements have increased and the way I have carved a niche for myself amidst all the controversies, has made brands to pay attention to me as someone who can be of value to them.

I remember someone once told me I could never get an endorsement deal because of my past behaviours but God has proved them wrong. Right now, I am a brand ambassador of over four reputable companies,” she said.

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