Nigeria is built on false foundation – Femi Adeshina

Nigeria is built on false foundation – Femi Adeshina

Presidential aide, Femi Adeshina has stated that Nigeria is built on false foundation.

He made this known while speaking in Abuja at a youth engagement programme, Naija Youth Talk, which was jointly organised by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Department for International Development (DFID).

Adeshina lamented that the cracks in Nigeria’s foundation has continued to widen due to unpatriotic elements fuelling ethnic and religious divide.

Adesina in his remark said: “Nigeria, obviously, has many fault lines. Few among the faults are religion, ethnicity, language, nepotism and the most recent one is fake news which is being used to undermine Nigeria, cause bitterness, malice and incite Nigerians against each other.”

Speaking further he said, “for instance, the recent xenophobic videos trending online were not authentic. They were deliberately exhumed by some unpatriotic people and were being shared to incite Nigerians against themselves.

He added: “We must love our country and our country must reciprocate by loving us in return. Nigeria in its past and maybe present state maybe not be loveable but we must see reasons to profess our love to it with our heart.”

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