Nigeria drops to 146th position in  Corruption Perception Index

Nigeria drops to 146th position in Corruption Perception Index

Nigeria has dropped to 146th position in the latest Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index.

The CPI is an index published annually by Berlin-based Transparency International which ranks countries “by their perceived levels of public sector corruption, as determined by expert assessments and opinion surveys.

180 countries were assessed by the agency in its latest report.

The Professor of Applied Economics, John Hopkins University, Steve Hanke, who disclosed this on his Twitter handle, @steve_hanke, on Wednesday, said Nigeria took the 146th spot after slipping from the 136th position it occupied when President Muhammadu Buhari was first inaugurated in 2015.

He added that Nigerians are extremely dissatisfied with the country’s economic situation and fed up with the government’s incompetence.

Hanke wrote: “#Nigeria now ranks 146th out of 180 countries in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, slipping from 136th place when @MBuhari was first inaugurated. Under Buhari’s ‘watchful eye,’ corruption runs rampant.

“Nigerian citizens are extremely dissatisfied with their country’s economic situation. Despite lofty campaign promises, #Buhari has proven incapable of reforming the economy. #Nigerians are fed up with government incompetence!”

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