NIGERIA @ 60: Youth leaders, others, gather to seek way forward

NIGERIA @ 60: Youth leaders, others, gather to seek way forward

Nigerian youths; policy markers, lawmakers, media and civil society leaders will gather in Abuja on 1st of October, 2020 to debate and formulate strategies to promote and develop a more sustainable and efficient democracy for the country.

The gathering tagged #FixingNigeria National Youth Conference, will focus on dissecting the urgent and fundamental issues of accountability and  transparency   in governance, and is convened by Ernest and Ibrahim Foundation.

According to the convener, Mr. Ernest Nwosu, the event is “a platform for all Nigerian youth leaders to learn, debate, express ideas, discuss and brainstorm on short terms and long terms strategies to fixing Nigeria while equipping self with leadership skills in preparation for national assignment and service.”

According to him, having organized two past editions, this 3rd Edition also known as #FixingNigeria 3.0 would be focused on governance issues and right leadership especially as it concerns the democratic values of transparency and accountability.

“The overall objectives of the #FixingNigeria 3.0 is to debate and review the roles of policy makers, lawmakers, media and CSO’s in developing more robust strategies that promote accountability and transparency in governance.

“Secondly, to review and recommend policies that will promote accountability and transparency in governance. Thirdly would be to teach the youth ways and lawful procedures and processes of holding public leaders accountable while advocating for OPEN GOVERNMENT.

“Finally, a very important objective of this national youth conference would be to inspire and teach youth leaders the imperatives and strategies needed to personally equip one’s self with these democratic qualities of accountability and transparency – a bedrock for right leadership, good governance and enduring legacy”.

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