New York Authorities probe President Trump’s company

New York Authorities probe President Trump’s company

New York State’s attorney-general Letitia James is pushing ahead with an investigation into tax records of the family of the Trump Organization’s chieffinancial officer.

The investigation is part of a probe into the president’s company, Bloomberg News reports Thursday.

The probe into the Trump Organization involves the financial records from theCFO, Allen Weisselberg’s son and ex-daughter-in-law, the report says.

The office will examine the records with the hopes of getting more informationabout the organization’s operations and tax strategies.

This is a follow up into its civil investigation of whether the company falsely reported property values to get loans and/or tax benefits.

The report added that Trump Organization manager Barry Weisselberg and his ex-wife, Jennifer Weisselberg, received benefits including free rent for years in a company-owned building near Central Park.

They also allegedly used the business’s accountant for personal tax filings.

Speaking to the news outlet, legal experts said that the perks could causetax liabilities for the Weisselbergs and/or the Trump Organization.

Mary Mulligan, a lawyer for AllenWeisselberg, declined to comment to The Hill “on the many falsehoods and inaccuracies in the Bloomberg News.

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