NECO Releases 2020 October/November Results

NECO Releases 2020 October/November Results

The National Examination Council ( NECO) on Wednesday released the results of its 2020 Senior Secondary School Certificate ( SSCE) examination it conducted throughout the country between October and November.

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NECO Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of NECO , Prof . Godswill Obioma announced the results on Wednesday in Abuja.

Obioma said that 1 , 102 , 041 candidates passed at credit and above level .

The result, according to Obioma , showed that 894 , 101 candidates out of the 1 , 209, 992 that sat for the examination scored credit and above in English and Mathematics.

Obioma said 33 , 470 cases of malpractices were recorded during the examination, adding that 12 schools were also involved including 24 supervisors.

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He disclosed that schools involved in the malpractices have been derecognised for two years , while 24 supervisors were blacklisted “ for various offences ranging from poor supervision, aiding and abetting , connivance with non candidates to write answer on chalkboard and so on ” .

“ The Council has a long standing tradition for zero tolerance for malpractices . Thus , it can be noticed that the malpractices incidence in 2020 dropped compared to the figure of 2019 , ” Obioma said .

He stated that special arrangements have been made for candidates who missed some of the examinations due to unrest during # EndSARS protest.

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Such candidates will have the opportunity to write the tests on February 1 , 2021 during the SSCE external examination.

Obioma named some of the states affected as Oyo , Osun , Ekiti , Lagos , Edo, Ondo and some centres in Rivers, Abia , Enugu and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) .

A total of 1 , 221 , 447 candidates registered for the examination out of which 665 , 830 were male and 555 , 617 female.

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